St. Peter Claver High School is a Catholic school. The school offers hospitality to students of other religious traditions. As a Catholic institution, Catholic prayers mark our days, weeks, and seasons. As a rule, all

Malkia wa Amani: Utuombee!

students must attend these meetings irrespective of their religious tradition. In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the school respects the right of conscience relative to faith, and non-Catholic students are encouraged to fulfil their own religious duties privately. Students are expected to follow the religion they have indicated on their admission forms.

Non-Catholic students at Catholic services should recall that in regards to the religious nature of the school they are invited guests. They should not do anything to offend their hosts including but not limited to engaging in any behaviour that detracts from the religious nature of the prayer. As guests, they are welcome to participate fully, respectfully, and reverentially. Only baptised Catholics should approach the altar for communion, however.

Non-Catholic students and their families should note the following:

  • No student may leave the school compound for religious services or for any other reason, except for very unique cases judged to be necessary by the school administration.
  • Non-Catholic students may observe daily prayers provided they do so at a time that is not in conflict with their school schedule.
  • There are no provisions for places for communal worship on the OLQP campus except the church.
  • Friday and Saturdays are treated as normal working days, and there is no provision for early dismissal for worship on those days.
  • Students are encouraged to fast as required by their religious traditions. The school will ensure that meals are provided at the appropriate times to facilitate this.
  • If parents decide to bring their son/daughter home for religious purposes, it is understood that the students themselves will be responsible for material missed during their absence.
  • There are no exceptions to the written guidelines relative to school uniform.
  • There are no provisions for dietary substitutions at meals (except for medical reasons).
  • Religious holidays will be the ones declared by the government and those otherwise published in the annual school calendar. Note, however, that the school sets its calendar in advance; that is, the dates for lunar holidays are based on astronomical calculations that affirm each date and not on the actual sighting of the moon with the naked eyes. This is to say that the school holiday might be within one day on either side of the announced holiday.

Disrespect for the Catholic Church and its worship will be treated as a grave offence.

Following a religious exercise commended by St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, the School provides opportunities each evening for students to reflect on the ways God has been active in their lives that day and how they have responded to God’s goodness. This short reflective period (3-5 minutes) is called the examen.