Our founding headmaster, Jesuit Father Martin Connell, was fond of saying that our school would only be successful if it were a school where both the children of parliamentarians and the children of peasants were both welcomed. His point was the the school’s strength was to be found in its diversity.

In order to make this diversity a reality, many of our students need financial assistance — some deserving students even need all of their school fees paid.

Our students are "men and women for and with others"

One such student is “Maria.” Maria was a student at the Jesuit primary school here in Dodoma, Saint Ignatius Preparatory and Primary School. At SIPP she excelled in her studies, and we were delighted that she chose to be part of the inaugural class here at Saint Peter Claver. Her primary school performance foretold her excellent performance here — she is committed to her studies and committed to her position as a student leader. She has had a particular concern for those students who arrive less well prepared for studies conducted in English than she.

Maria comes from a large family with a mother who works at a government primary school and a father who cultivates a small plot of land. Without the assistance of a friend of Saint Peter Claver High School, the family could never afford to send her here.

There are many stories like Maria’s. Please consider helping our needy students. $1,400.00 USD covers the cost for all fees including boarding fees.