The vision of St. Peter Claver High School is to graduate young men and women who are:

  • Intellectually Competent. They will be able to engage the great questions of the day, to assess situations accurately, and to act on these judgements rationally.
  • Religious. They will recognize the grace of God active in the world and be prepared to respond to the divine goodness in service to God in worship and assistance to others.
  • Loving. They will be people who are warmhearted and care for those whom God places them with: family, friends, associates – even strangers.
  • Committed to Doing Justice. They will be people who are devoted to fostering relationships in the world that recognize the God-given dignity of all people, who seek to live in solidarity with others as brothers and sisters, and who have a concern for “the least of our brothers and sisters.”
  • Open to Growth. They will be people who see horizons not as limits but as invitations to continue to search, people committed to developing specific skills, talents, and intellectual stances — but not at the expense of new possibilities.